Here are all of the golf balls I’ve reviewed to date, forming an easy reference, golf ball comparison guide.  This post will give you a ‘birds eye view’ of the many types of golf balls available, and will hopefully help you to choose the best type of golf ball to enhance your game.

The rankings for each golf ball I’ve reviewed (based on power, feel, spin and price) form the basis of the golf ball comparison.  For further information, and my opinions on each of the golf balls, click on the link for each golf ball to take you to the review.Continue reading

I can say with some degree of certainty that my next golf ball review will focus on the Titleist NXT Tour golf ball – this opportunity has come along completely by chance.

My workplace is currently sponsoring a well-known diabetes foundation, and a knock-on effect of this is that there have been a lot of fund-raising exercises carried out within the building.

I received an e-mail this morning informing me that one of the guys in the office had been collecting golf balls from a local course over the past couple of weeks, and was selling them on, in order to raise funds for a good cause.

So me and a friend went along to see if we could pick up any bargains!  One of my colleagues managed to buy 8 or 9 Titleist Pro V1s for a great price, and I got my hands on three brand new sleeves of Titleist’s NXT Tour golf balls for a decent price.

I’m pretty sure that the guy selling the golf balls didn’t find the sleeved, brand new NXT Tour golf balls lying about on the golf course, but I’m not one to argue over semantics, so I bought the 9 golf balls and went on my way!

I have already reviewed the NXT Tour’s ‘cousin’, the Titleist NXT golf ball, so I am looking forward to test-driving the Tour version and finding out if there are any major differences between the two.  I plan to play on Thursday evening after work, so expect the review of the Titleist NXT Tour golf balls to be on the site by the weekend.

The Srixon AD333 golf ball is one of the more subtle brands of golf ball which promises the best of both worlds – excellent yardage coupled with a soft feel for those greenside shots.  Features of the 2-piece AD333 include the following:

  • A Srixon-unique Rabalon blended elastomer cover for greater resiliency
  • 333-dimple aerodynamic pattern, delivering further carry
  • Energetic Gradient Growth core for a soft feel

In my opinion, these golf balls feel similar to a Titleist Pro V1 off the face of the driver – it offers good feedback on a well-struck drive, and the ball flight does seem a little higher than others.  I didn’t experience any adverse effects on my driving distance though – catch one of these flush and you should expect it to max out around the top-end of your driving yardage.

On a couple of occasions (okay, maybe more than a couple…) I managed to slice the ball off the tee, but I think this was more to do with the fact that I was ‘test-driving’ the ball, and was keen to give it a 100% swing to see how it performed.  This isn’t a negative reflection of the ball, but an indication of my driving technique!  Overall, very happy with the distance the Srixon AD333 provides off the tee.

With an iron in my hand, the AD333 held up well, giving me a solid and sustained flight path on well-struck shots.  This ball feels very soft with a sweetly struck iron, which is what I look for in a golf ball, so I was very happy from 150 yards and in.  The ball sits down on the green quite happily – I found that with a 6 or 7 iron, upon landing it took a couple of bounces and trickled onwards, whereas with my shorter irons (kill zone!!) I was able to generate enough spin to make the ball sit down quickly.

On the green, the Srixon AD333 golf ball, for me at least, was a little bit of a disappointment, but this is purely because I prefer a little more feedback from a putt.  I just felt like it was a little too soft for my liking, but again, this boils down to personal preference.  If you prefer a soft feel with your putter, then you’ll enjoy putting with this ball.

On to durability then, and I am happy enough that Srixon have delivered where they said they would.  The ball holds up well after a round, with no obvious signs of damage over and above the usual scuffs that may appear.  So expect to use one of these balls for two or three rounds before you consign it to the practice bag.

Finally, the price – well, I enjoyed playing with these balls, much more so because they fall into the mid-price range.  You’d expect to pay around $25 for a dozen of these, which isn’t exactly breaking the bank for a ball which gives you solid distance and decent feel greenside.  I’m happy keeping a few of the Srixon AD333 golf balls in the bag for future use.

Overall Rating





Do you play with Srixon AD333 golf balls?  Feel free to leave your own comments below!

My ‘taste’ in different golf balls changes all the time, but right now my favorite golf ball is the Nike Power Distance golf ball (or ‘Nike PD Soft‘ for short).  I’ve been playing golf frequently over the past few months, and so I’ve had a chance to trial many different types of power golf balls.  For the past couple of weeks though, I’ve stuck exclusively with the PD Soft, and it’s a golf ball I’ve really grown to love!

Nike Power Distance Soft

After running out of Titleist Pro V1’s, and having little time to buy another batch online (because they’re a LOT cheaper online) before my next round of golf, I went to a local golf store which sells, amongst other things, lake balls.

Now I know there are arguments for and against using lake balls, but the store is currently selling a dozen PD Soft lake balls for £8.00, or around $12.  I thought, what the hell, I’ll give them a bash, and if I find that they’re no good, then at least I’ve not spent a small fortune to find this out.

The results?  Well, I’ve been using these balls for the last three rounds, I’m delighted to tell you that I cannot find any difference between the PD Soft lake balls and the brand-new-in-box variety.  They travel for miles off the tee, hold their line, feel really nice, and putt well – 4 excellent reasons for me to stick with them for a while longer.

So right now, I’m playing with the Nike PD Soft golf balls – and I plan on going back to the store for more supplies before they either put the prices up, or run out of stock!