Well, how do you distinguish an antique golf club from just an ordinary old golf club? I will give you several tips on how to accomplish this. This will help you to be able to with relative accuracy help in determining the true value of your antique club.

There is a five step test in helping in a preliminary club appraisal. I will give you a quick insight on how to approximate how old your golf club could be. The first step is to determine the age of club. You have to take a look at the entire club to do this:

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If you want to build an amazing collection of antique golf clubs you probably know it is not as easy as some would have you to believe. There is a lot you need to know about all things golf before you can be a successful collector. So before you pull out your wallet and start spending money on collectible golf clubs, take the time to educate yourself. Learn about the different golf clubs and the history of golf clubs.Continue reading