In the event, you listen in to any conversation involving antique golf clubs. There are a few things that you simply are nearly certain to hear being discussed. Sadly, antique golf irons aren’t most likely to be one of those issues. Undoubtedly, you will hear concerning the hickory golf club fascination and how everyone involved in the conversation has a collection of golf memorabilia that is just a little bit much better than everyone else’s. However, antique golf irons appear to garner extremely small interest although they hold a lot esteemed role within the history of golf.Continue reading

From the history of golf, it was stated that this sport originated in Scotland before it became known and was played in Europe and later on, adopted by the Americans. Since Scotland is where golf originated, it is just proper that the early words used for naming the golf clubs be of Scottish origin. Old golf clubs back then were named in a simpler and shorter manner as compared to their names now which are longer in a way that is specific and was derived through its type and style.  Generally, there are three types of golf clubs such as woods, putter and irons.Continue reading

old-golf-clubs-150x150It’s common knowledge that the older a thing gets, the higher the value it holds. That same concept is applied in old golf clubs. The greater its significance, the higher its value will be. But what if it’s old and just by looking at it, one would easily get uninterested with it because of how damaged its looks? Would anyone still be appealed by its appearance and so-called value and be interested in taking it? Of course not. With that problem in mind, the question now is what should be done? Easy, preserve and restore it. Again, how?Continue reading

If you are a golfer on a budget, buying used golf equipment is a very wise choice. A lot of people will turn their nose up when it comes to buying used equipment. They think the used ones have been all used up. But in reality, there are a lot of used golf equipment that still has a lot of wear in them. This is because avid golfers change their equipment quite often. They may use a new set of golf clubs for a few months and then buy a new pair.

So if you are new to golfing or just can’t afford the top of the line equipment, there is nothing wrong with buying used. Doing so can save you thousands of dollars. Thanks to the internet you can now find used golf equipment with the click of a button. But before you start shopping, there are a few things you should know first.Continue reading

antique-golf-clubs-collectibles-150x150Learning usually comes next after experiences and from the daily happenings in life. Learning can also be acquired from schools. By combining those two sources of learning, great books can be created.

Nowadays, books have become one of the most used mediums of teaching and in gaining knowledge. That’s why those who are so much interested with golf and has acquired much knowledge about it also venture into sharing what they know through putting their minds in a book. If there are collections made for golf clubs, there are also collections of books tackling about antique golf clubs.

Here are some of the lists of books that can be found about golf clubs:Continue reading