When the 20th century hit golf started to become a popular past time again. More and more people became interested in the game and there was a new found interest all over the world. Since then the popularity of the sport has grown exponentially. Millions of avid golfers are allured by the art of putting. The putter is the most interesting and mesmerizing part of the game of golf. It’s why you will often see a variety of different ones in a golfers bag.

The antique golf putter is considered a trophy to many golf enthusiasts. They are highly irresistible and everyone wants one. As stated before, they are like rare trophies that golfers love to collect. An antique putter is one that was created before the 1960’s. Not only are these putters considered antique. They are considered classics as well.Continue reading

Did you know that even golf clubs have been given names way back in 1457? And though these names have greatly changed through time, the putter and driver are the only ones that were retained to these days where golf clubs are already classified in numbers. Here are some of the most common antique golf names used centuries back and their equivalent today:Continue reading

Collecting things is one of the priciest hobbies to get your own self into, but it is also one of the most rewarding. You see, everything has its own story. And history is hands down important to everyone’s life. And what could possibly be more relevant to collect for a person who plays and loves the golf sport than antique golfing items? Topping the list are the cool clubs of different materials, manufacturers, and functions. These factors basically affect the antique golf clubs pricing. There should be many as this sport has been played way back in 1457, probably not the oldest sport in the world but one of them. Definitely, this is a sport that has been part of the history of man. And you would surely be proud to have at least one of each of clubs, putters, and chippers known in the history of this sport.Continue reading