Where to begin to figure out how much your antique golf clubs are worth.  It all depends on the condition of your antique golf club.  I will try to give you the details on how to figure out what they are worth.  The first thing you should figure out is who manufactured the antique golf club.  This is not an easy procedure.  This is kind of a hard to figure out because the manufacturers name might have rubbed off throughout the years.  Also, sometimes in years past to clean rust and imperfections on the clubs people used sandpaper.

Several antique golf clubs do not have logos of the manufacturer on them. Making it hard to figure out who made these clubs. You will have to try to figure out who made them in order to figure out what they are really worth. Sometimes you might get a letter off of the club and you will be able to work your way around who produces it. Or something might catch your eye like a marking on the club that will help also. Logo something

Also, when looking for the brand name on the golf club some visual clues can help you classify if it is an antique golf club.  Tip: if there is a metal plug on the end of the club this will give you one hint that your club is not an antique golf club.  Metal plugs were used later on in producing golf clubs.  Also evident on the golf clubs head will be yardage markers.  Example if you find a golf club that shows 155-165 yards this will give you a hint that the golf club is not antique.  Antique golf clubs head will not have grooves on them.  Grooves were put on golf club faces around 1908.

Identifying antique golf clubs that are valuable to people is not an easy task.  There are so many different club makers that are producing thousands of different models of clubs that it makes it harder to identify which clubs are antiques and which ones are not. If you are in the market to buy an antique golf club just stick to the basics and use common sense, and become knowledgeable on which clubs you will be looking at.  You will have success in identifying rare and valuable antique golf clubs.  For more information check out our guides and reviews on collecting antique golf clubs.