You don’t collect things that are not vintage or in short, with no history to boast of. That is why the value of an item always depends on how old it is and if the manufacturer no longer exists, the greater the price is going to be. This is the same with vintage golf clubs because only those that are of rarity are being auctioned and looked up by auctioneers, sellers, and collectors. And only those that are well maintained draw the attention of collectors. But it doesn’t mean that common ones, scored, and used ones are not of value. Generally, any vintage golf clubs have an equivalent price even those that are tagged as common—smooth-faced, dented, and old imitations of branded golf club. The price is just categorized accordingly to genuine, wood material, and appearance.

Vintage golf clubs are usually made of good wood, although there are some that are made of iron, wedges, hybrid—combination of wood and iron, and other durable materials that date back in the 1800s. The highest in value is the wood, especially hickory wood. Hickory is known for its durability characteristics, which is very important for golf clubs. There are different types of vintage golf clubs in wood shafts and/or in complete wood including the insert. Among these are the driver or Playclub which is known today as 1-Wood, Scraper or today’s 2-Wood, Long Spoon or 3-Wood, Middle Spoon or 4-wood, Short Spoon or 5-Wood, Baffy or Baffing Spoon for 7-Wood, Niblick or Wooden head for 9-Wood, and putter which retained its name to date.Continue reading

antique-golf-clubs-brassie-150x150Brassie is a known old term used with golf during the old days and to have brassie antique golf clubs is definitely a great inspiration. Brassie was one of the old terms used with the golf clubs during the 80’s and the 90’s. This is usually made from wood and its sole, is brass plated. The term was also used with different wooden golf clubs that lofted during those years. It is known to be equivalent with the number two club today and can be easily identified with its small head.

Brassie earns fame because it is known to be one of those golf clubs that were used on the early years of golf and has started a trend like other clubs have made. Though these are not popularly used nowadays, it was a part of the old golf clubs that were used by professionals in those old times. Because it is used for the duration of the 80’s and with the 90’s it is now considered as antiques and are collected by people who are interested in the old equipment used during the early years of playing golf.Continue reading