nike-vrs-covert-ironsAll right so it’s time to get new irons. Why? Let me guess… you’re not sure if you need new irons because your set looks okay but, you think that a newer irons will help you play better.? uhm… I think I actually projected my self with that statement he he.

Well if you’re a beginner that may be your case also, but like my first golf instructor told me I must tell you… “Not even the best golf clubs in the world will fix your swing faults”.

And though that statement is true, I have to say that some golf clubs do help us a bit to play better. Nevertheless, this is not about telling you “hey before buying new clubs first learn how to swing your clubs”, if you are reading this is because you want an honest review from an average golfer and that’s what I’m about to give, so here it goes:

Top 5 Forgiving Iron Sets (2016 Model Reviews)

Adams Idea

Adams-IdeaOverall Rating
Look & Feel
Tech Innovation
Price Range$545 – $700
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Adams Golf has always been known for making easy-to-hit golf clubs having the average weekend golfer in mind. But this time they outdid it in creating game improvement technology. The Idea 2016 set includes 3 enhancement technologies in one set:

1) Hybrid technology (club head is a mix between wood and iron) on 3, 4 and 5 irons.

2) Slot technology (a slot that kind of wraps around the club head creating more launch and ball speed) on 6 and 7 irons.

3) Deep Cavity Technology (a hollow or pocket shape in the back of club head that increases forgiveness).

Besides the club design is nice and the feel is awesome. These are great clubs for either beginners or senior golfers.Continue reading