Antique Golf Clubs on Sale

Whether you are a serious golf aficionado or a devoted collector of vintage golf clubs, you have to know the some of the secrets in looking for real and good antique ones. A little tip: look for wood-made clubs because they are generally manufactured by the first and best names in the game and are manufactured way back and beyond the 1800s. On top of that, they are handcrafted to perfection. Among the best antique golf clubs for sale in the market are:

The long nose golf clubs. These vintage golf clubs are known to be produced before 1885, and so they are among those vintage antiques that have the highest market worth.
The transitional golf woods. These wood-made clubs are manufactured way back in 1885 and were never produced after 1890, so you can expect little wear from these clubs. But serious collectors never let their collections depreciate in value. You can therefore find one that is of playing condition.
The Bulger golf woods with scared or splice neck. There are a few types of Bulger wood club which basically differ in their neck. This one was made in 1895 and production lasted until 1910.
The Bulger golf woods with socket neck. This is the other type of Bulger club and is made from 1910 to 1935. Being the ‘latest’ model of all-wood golf club, expect that it is worth less than the above mentioned clubs.

The Aluminium head. This is one of the hybrid golf clubs made in 1895 to 1935. This one is made of handcrafted wood from its grip to the insert and down the shaft. Its head, on the other hand, is made from hardened aluminum.

Though wood is the primary high-value golf clubs among collectors and auctioneers, iron-made ones are also produced early on. In fact, there are some that are made back in the 1800s alongside the wooden ones. Among the best finds are:

Early Golf Irons. These are probably the oldest golf clubs, being made before 1850. They are not as well crafted as the wood ones which is the reason why they remain lower in value the wood-made counterpoints.
Smooth Face Irons. These iron-made golf clubs are probably the longest in production, being produced from 1850 to 1910. Still, they lack the vintage class and appearance that are known to wood-made antique golf clubs for sale.
Steel Blade Head Smooth Face. These clubs are characterized with smooth faces and steel blade heads. Their production goes back in 1800s so they are also valuable antique golf clubs for sale. They are just lower in value than wood-made ones.
Steel Blade Head Pattern Face. The steel blade head pattern face is just what its name says. It is patterned-faced steel blade headed vintage club that goes back in 1800s. It is one of the many antique golf clubs for sale that have value but not as high as the earlier models and the wood-made clubs.

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