Antique Golf Clubs Pricing

Collecting things is one of the priciest hobbies to get your own self into, but it is also one of the most rewarding. You see, everything has its own story. And history is hands down important to everyone’s life. And what could possibly be more relevant to collect for a person who plays and loves the golf sport than antique golfing items? Topping the list are the cool clubs of different materials, manufacturers, and functions. These factors basically affect the antique golf clubs pricing. There should be many as this sport has been played way back in 1457, probably not the oldest sport in the world but one of them. Definitely, this is a sport that has been part of the history of man. And you would surely be proud to have at least one of each of clubs, putters, and chippers known in the history of this sport.

As like any other collectibles, the farther the year of its manufacture is the better. Being a sport played since 1457 in western countries, it would not be a surprise to know that the sport is called in different names as well as its equipment. In fact, its clubs alone have been called names before the numbers that now corresponds to the type of clubs of these days. The driver, putter, Chipper, Niblick, and Mashie are just some of the many names golf clubs were called since 1457 up to the 19th century. Only the putter has remained in its old name while the others are primarily referred to in numbers. Apparently, antique golf clubs pricing can be based on the names that are inscribed on their shafts, which will basically present their age or production year. Still, the appointment of their value is not limited to this factor. The appearance and good looks of these clubs are still taken into consideration. The more maintained a club is the better the antique golf club’s pricing.

There are also ancient golf clubs that have lesser value. These clubs are dubbed as ‘common golf clubs. They are normally smooth on the face and have dots, hyphen, and other hairline scoring. At the most, these clubs have no manufacturing names but there are also some that have imitated world-class names like Spalding, Forgan, McGregor, and White among others. You would know if they are decorative collections if they have scoring that are unusual to the original stuff. Antique golf clubs pricing is also high on ancient ones that have been maintained and refinished. The otherwise is true to those that have been neglected over time.

Antique golf clubs pricing vary, and you are going to have a field day if you do not know the factors that may affect their value. Golf sport goes a way back in 1457 and is called in different names through time. A little tip for you is to find wood clubs especially the ones made of hickory as they have the highest antique golf clubs pricing even if for decorative purposes only.


  1. Could you advise me of where I could find potential value of 1950 vintage golf clubs. I have a complete set of Wilson club’s, 4 persimmon woods and 3 thru 9 irons all steel shafts. Jim Ferrier signature. Original leather bag. Also a Sam Snead blade putter and what I think might be an original Gene Sarizan wood shatted sand wedge. My purpose is to sell but would like value first. Thanks for any help you can provide.

    1. Like most things, it really just depends on what people are currently willing to pay. For these types of things, nothing beats eBay for figuring out what people will pay. Enter in some of your items into eBay and view completed auctions for these items. This should give you an idea what people have successfully sold some of these items for.

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