Antique Golf Clubs Values

antique-golf-club-value-150x150You know what they say about collectibles, they are pricier than the newer and more modern and effective models. That is basically the same when you are collecting antique golf clubs. These ancient ‘toys’ become pricier and prier as their age become higher. That is so as these clubs are full of history and no manufacturers of today can and will imitate them, making these antique golf clubs values higher than the usual. Big tip: golf clubs with of real wood have greater antique golf clubs values. So find good wood instead of investing on the metal or iron ones, however, good looking they might seem to be for your eyes.

But how would you know if what you are looking at is truly made of wood without asking the seller or owner? Everything should be in wood, from the club head to the shaft and eventually, the grip. There should also be an insert made of wood that sticks out, but not protruding, up on the top of the grip. Consequently, if what you see there is a fridge magnet, you are looking at a golf club with a very low value. Also, you can look at the stamped wording on the shaft. If there is something like “True Temper” on it, this is a golf club with steel insert. Thus, you can’t expect it to have great sale or resale value. Dots, hyphens, and other scoring on the shaft also make antique golf clubs values a lot less than they must have.

Even the most common antique golf club will still have a value. A club is classified as ‘common’ if it has one of the value-deducting characteristics noted above. But even those golf clubs made by known manufacturers back in the earliest days can be tagged as common. That is so as some manufacturers like Spalding, McGregor, and Wilson among many others have also produced decorative-value golf clubs in their times. But the fact that they are aged antiques still remains, and, therefore, they have antique golf clubs values for the serious collectors. Generally, common iron golf clubs are valued at $10 to $20, putters at $15 to $30, and woods at $30 to $60 depending on their appearance and overall characteristics.

High-quality golf clubs have better values, though. These clubs are classified as completely restored, museum display quality, and/or playable. Their antique golf clubs values range from $30 to $50 for irons, putters between $40 to $60, and woods at $85 to $120. You can get lower-priced antique golf clubs if these collectibles have no face markings or have unidentifiable markings, unusual head shapes or wood headed putters, and wood with 4 to 5 inches of whipped string covering its oval, curved, or thick neck. Manufacturer names like Gibson, Anderson, Carrick, Army & Navy, Ayres, Gray, Forgan, Morris, Park, Stewart, White, certain Spalding, MacGregor, Condie, NicoIl, and Wright & Ditson with smooth faces are usually taken as decorative collections. They normally have lower antique golf clubs values.


  1. Is there a way to send you a picture of two antique golf clubs made in Scotland for an approximate value of each?

    1. Sure! Make sure to get clear pictures of any markings or interesting features. I will need pictures of the grips, shaft and head in various angles as well.

  2. I have a forged mashie 5 iron with a nazi emblem on the back of the club face. It is a pin style club with what appears to be original grips. Other than that i know nothing about this club. I got it from my granfather several years ago. Can i send a picture of this club and maybe get some history on it. Thanks, phil

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