Books on Antique Golf Clubs

antique-golf-clubs-collectibles-150x150Learning usually comes next after experiences and from the daily happenings in life. Learning can also be acquired from schools. By combining those two sources of learning, great books can be created.

Nowadays, books have become one of the most used mediums of teaching and in gaining knowledge. That’s why those who are so much interested with golf and has acquired much knowledge about it also venture into sharing what they know through putting their minds in a book. If there are collections made for golf clubs, there are also collections of books tackling about antique golf clubs.

Here are some of the lists of books that can be found about golf clubs:

  • Collecting Antique Golf Clubs – this book contains information about the golf club’s evolution. It provides a detailed description of constructing a golf club and discusses the ideas on collecting. It also includes famous clubs sketches even some of the outlawed ones.
  • Wood Shafted Golf Club Value Guide – this book is suitable for those who have an interest in making their own collection of golf clubs. This contains a lot of information about clubs including their value.
  • Cleek Marks and Trade Marks on Antique Golf Clubs – offers more than 600 Cleek Marks, model marks, maker’s marks and registered trademarks on American, British and other foreign clubs with illustrations for each mark.
  • The Vintage Era of Golf Club Collectibles – written by Ronald John which focuses on clubs made during the 1920’s to 1940’s. Includes photos of the different types of clubs made by MacGregor, Mcgill, Spalding and others.
  • Antique Golf Collectibles – written by Pete Giorgiady and Richard Walker. This book contains photos of any imaginable memorabilia golf items ranging from books to postcards. The purpose of this book is to guide collectors of golf’s facets and make the collectors realize that there are lots opportunities for them to widen their golf collection items.
  • Antique Golf Collectibles: A Price and Reference Guide – written by Chuck Furjanic. This book contains golf collectible items which include its value. It has comprehensive information about all the collectible items that also include the items’ history.
  • The Clubmaker’s Art: Antique Clubs History by Jeffrey B. Ellis – it contains information of all the golf makers in the history of golf and the evolution that took place with its equipment. It also has 800 illustrations, 640 of which are antique clubs.

There is also an available guide book on how to restore and preserve vintage golf clubs.

  • Restoration and Preservation – this book is written by Bob Kunz and contains a detailed guideline on how to preserve and restore those antique golf clubs which can be occasionally used in playing golf.

Having one or a few of these books would be a dream come true for all those golf clubs collectors out there. They do not only give them the opportunity to view those vintage golf clubs collections but to know centuries old information as well. So, why don’t you check out books on antique golf clubs now?

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