Callaway HX Hot Plus Golf Balls

Callaway’s HX Hot Plus golf balls are an upgrade to their predecessor, the Callaway HX Hot.  The result?  A power golf ball which has undergone an overhaul, and attempts to improve upon the distance delivered and feel experienced, with this ball providing a good, penetrating ball flight.

This 3-piece golf ball includes the following key performance features:

  • A high-speed, polybutadiene core which assists in generating maximum ball velocity across the spectrum of swing speeds
  • A durable ionomer cover providing a longer golf ball shelf-life and increased driving distance
  • A HEX Aerodynamics dimple pattern, which reduces the drag experienced in-flight and helps to give a more penetrating ball flight

As with the majority of power golf balls, the Callaway HX Hot Plus golf ball provides semi-decent feel greenside, but don’t expect the type of feedback from the golf ball experienced with other high-spin, high-feel golf balls out there.  It does feel quite hard off the putter – it’s not one of my favourite golf balls to be using on the green.

This golf ball is a great choice for those in the mid to high handicap range, where the extra stability / straight flight off the tee more than compensates for the lack of spin and feel experienced with the mid irons, short irons, wedges and putter.  If you’re the type of player that struggles maintaining consistency (in terms of keeping the ball in play) off the tee, but are generally good from 150 yards in, then this golf ball may be worth giving a chance to.  However, if you are happy with your driving distance and feel that you don’t need extra yardage (or decreased feel and spin to compensate for it) then it may be best to avoid this particular power golf ball.

In terms of the price, the Callaway HX Hot Plus golf balls fall somewhere around just above average for a dozen of these, so expect to pay somewhere around the $25 to $35 mark for a dozen of these.

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