Callaway Warbird Plus Golf Balls

The Callaway Warbird Plus golf ball has, for the first time in the construction of a Warbird, been designed and constructed with HEX Aerodynamics in place of the conventional dimple construction. This design reduces the overall drag on the golf ball in-flight, giving you longer drives with further carry and roll. Callaway themselves promise that this golf ball is the longest one they have ever created.

This power golf ball also comes with the “power ball standard” durable ionomer cover, adding further length and giving the golfer longer playability with each golf ball – essentially adding extra value for your hard-earned cash.  This golf ball will scuff and may cut a little after playing a few rounds with one, but unless you are playing with a virtually cut-proof ball (there are a few varieties out there) then this is to be expected.

At the heart of the Callaway Warbird Plus is a high-power, high-resilience rubber core which also adds vital yardage off the tee, while providing a softer feel than its predecessor, the Callaway Warbird. Note, however, that greenside, this golf ball will roll further with pitching and chipping, with spin generation a little harder to muster. Small price to pay for a golf ball which promises AND delivers extra yardage with the driver and long / mid irons.  Once you’re on the green, you may find the Warbird Plus a little harder than others – while putting with this ball, I thought it felt a little “heavy”, but the feedback received from each putt generally felt nice.

The price for these power golf balls falls firmly into the category of mid-range – there are more expensive golf balls available which give a similar level of overall performance.  The Callaway Warbird Plus golf ball is worth taking a chance with if you are looking for a steady power golf ball which will keep you longer and straighter during a round.

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