The Precept Laddie X golf balls, apart from the truly excellent name (!!), is one of those power golf balls which a lot of golfers will swear by, and will be loath to use any other type of ball.  It’s the type of golf ball which has smitten many an unsuspecting player.

Why is this?  Well, it is the type of golf ball which really “compliments” your average golfer, and will keep him or her straighter between tee and green, whilst giving a not-too-bad putting feel.  This 2-piece golf ball won’t be seen furiously spinning back off the green with your mid to short irons, but at the level most golfers are playing at, this is definitely NOT a reason not to at least try them out.

Also, this golf ball produces a nice, soft feel off the tee, on the fairways, and most importantly, on the putting green – it gives good feedback with each putt you’ll make.  As I’ve stated in another one of my reviews, I prefer a golf ball to be responsive to my putts, and a hard ball just doesn’t really do it for me.  The Precept Laddie X gives me a nice feel which is always a great bonus to have with a power / distance golf ball.

The Precept Laddie X golf ball comprises a set of core features such as:

  • An enhanced velocity muscle-fibre core
  • A “touch and control” ionomer cover
  • A 372 “wind cheating” dimple design

These golf balls will give you further yardage off the tee, because they are designed to compliment a wide range of swing speeds.  Those golfers with slower than average swing speeds may be pleasantly surprised to find that the ball will respond to your swing off the tee.  No matter your level of play, you will benefit from these “Laddies” between the tee and the fairways.

Finally, you’d normally expect to shell out somewhere in the region of $10 for a dozen of the Laddie X golf balls.  You’ll find that a lot of golf ball retailers tend to sell this ball in individual sleeves of 3, so there’s even less reason not to take a chance and see if this is your own “holy grail” golf ball.  In my book, the price you’ll pay for a power golf ball which may just help you fall in love with your golf all over again is excellent.

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Do you play with Precept Laddie X golf balls?  Feel free to leave your own comments below!