Top Flite have been producing their brand of XL golf balls for almost three decades now, and, for a high percentage of golfers, the Top Flite name is one which is possibly the most familiar to them.  Their range of XL golf balls have been consistently popular over time, which is an excellent barometer of the trust given to the Top Flite brand.

The Top Flite XL Distance golf balls incorporate key features such as:

  • A firm ionomer cover, providing a good level of durability and a high level of cut protection;
  • A high-energy core at the heart of the golf ball, designed to squeeze out every last inch of distance from your drives off the tee, and;
  • A high surface area dimple coverage, delivering less air resistance and ultimately further carry off the tees and fairways.

This particular golf ball has never tried to convince golfers that it will deliver great greenside feel.  It’s attraction lies in the power and distance it gives the golfer – I wasn’t overly impressed with the spin and feel of the golf ball, but others may find that it feels good enough greenside to justify these golf balls becoming their favourite “go to” ball.  It is an honest golf ball which will give you exactly what it promises – a durable, long golf ball which will increase your driving and iron distance.

A major plus with the Top Flite XL Distance golf balls is the price.  Expect to pay around $15 for a pack of 15 – this represents tremendous value for a golf ball which has been tried, tested, and is trusted by a large percentage of golfers worldwide.

You definitely won’t worry about losing one of these balls due to the expense – this power golf ball is quite fun to play with, and if you know beforehand exactly what to expect with it, then I’m sure you will enjoy a round of golf with these too.

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