wedge-which-golf-brandSo you figured out you want to get a golf wedge eh? Good for you! (And your golf bag) but now the other trickier question… “What type of wedge and brand should I get?” Well if you’re expecting an answer from a golf pro or golf tech specialist, you surely won’t get it from me he he.

Like I already stated in my profile page and in a few posts here, I don’t pretend to be a pro nor a scratch golfer, but I’ve been playing for a few years now and have spent good cash in many golf products, golf clubs included. And that should give me some kind of knowledge from experience… at least enough to help newbies, and that is my mission!

Okay so enough jibber jabber!! let’s get down to business, so what wedges do I recommend for beginners? I will break my answer into 3 categories as follows:


What kind of wedges do I need?

Like already explained a bit in the What Wedges Should I Carry I suggest if you are a beginner, you just have to worry about getting a SW (Sand Wedge) assuming that you already have a complete set that includes a PW (Pitching Wedge or 10-iron).

And last but not least, if you are already experimenting with flop shots you may want to get a LW (Lob Wedge).

Again, your wedge priorities while you’re a newbie are (in order of priority):

  • PW (44º to 48º) which is likely already included in your golf starter set.
  • SW (54º to 58º) this is crucial to play around the green and bunkers.
  • LW (60º to 64º) only if you want to get more creative with the short game, but you won’t need it for a while.

I have never found a need to buy a GW (or AW). I’ve tried that club borrowing it from a couple of friends a few times. I just can’t find a reason to trade a long iron or hybrid in my bag, in order to fit a wedge to make shots that I can do with the PW or the SW. But then again, maybe that’s why I’m not a scratch golfer lol.Continue reading

wedges-golfAll right so you finally made a decision to get a wedge besides the PW you already have but then you discover… Whoa! There is more than one type?

Well at least that was my expression the first time I wanted to get a sand wedge. I then got confused between the different types, loft angles, and the letters (P, A, G, S, L) in them. Not to mention deciding what wedge brand to pick.

In the middle of my confusion I asked my self “Do I really need all of those wedges? I thought I only needed the sand wedge”. Some time after I found out a quick answer.

Quick Answer! = Just carry a Sand Wedge (SW)

If you’re a beginner and the only wedge you have in your bag is a pitching wedge (PW as this is not really a wedge) then just add a Sand Wedge (SW) to your bag. Or a 54º to 58º wedge would be the same thing. Most major golf brands like to tag their wedges with the loft angle rather than to include the wedge type letter, and this makes it harder for newbies to identify what kind of wedge it is. But once again, just be sure a SW (54º to 58º) is part of your set.

I’m not saying the other wedge types are not important, but only if you really dig golf after a while and really want to hone your short game, should you consider getting more than one wedge.

As a golf beginner, you really just need a SW and your PW to learn all the needed shots in the short game. So if you want to get just one wedge besides the PW, it’s okay just make sure it’s a SW.Continue reading