Bigger Cup Sizes…really?


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In short, here’s how it goes:

Problem: The golf industry has lost about 5 million golfers in the past decade. According to recent statistics from the National Golf Foundation.

Solution: Let’s make it easier for golfers in order to get back old advocates and attract new comers to the sport; let´s make the hole from 4.5” to 15” holes.

When I first heard this, I thought it was an April Fools Day prank so I said “Yeah right and make the Par 3 holes Par 5 ”.

Well, turns out this is more a serious consideration than a prank.Continue reading

Boost your golf bag in 10 steps minding your budget

7931713960_364ff0b387_z-300x300Let’s face it, it is likely at the beginning that your swing will be horrible and your game may suck for a while. That is unless of course you’re following the advice on the How To Learn Golf Properly guidelines, in that case you may stink a little less and will become a decent golf player in a shorter period of time.

Nevertheless, keep in mind that if you care about the money in your wallet the best option is to invest either on a used golf set from a garage sale or something, or to get an inexpensive new set for beginners, trust me you won’t notice the difference for sometime, maybe never if you turn out to be a casual golfer playing no more than once a month.

Anyway, after you get your first golf set and you play for some time with it, if you find yourself really diggin’ the sport but not actually convinced to spend a lot of money on a new golf set, then you can just upgrade it little by little until you get the set you want.

Upgrading a starter golf set for a few more hundred bucks more instead of going all the way to the top-of-the-line equipment spending anywhere from $1000 to $3000 is a good alternative when keeping your budget low is a priority.

So here are a few pointers on how to upgrade your starter golf set in the future. You don’t have to upgrade all equipment all at once of course, but be sure to take care of items 1 thru 4 in the very short term:Continue reading

clone-golf-clubsTo better understand what are clone golf clubs, let’s put the following example: If you ever heard the term “after-market” in the automotive industry, you’ll know that there is a community of auto part manufacturers mostly in Asia, that make the parts for the big car companies like Honda, Nissan, Toyota, Ford and Chevrolet just to name a few.

Most of the parts and accessories sold by the actual big car company dealers are in fact made by the same manufacturers as the aftermarket, and many car savvy people in the car repair industry, actually buy from this after-market at lower prices at the exchange of shorter warranties that do not come from the brand company of the car.

one industry, which uses this term very often and recognized by the consumer is the computer industry… I’m sure you’ve heard phrases like “are you going to buy an HP, a Dell or a clone PC?”

This applies to many industries like mobile phones, audio and video appliances, electronics, clothing and footwear among others. In fact one industry, which uses this term very often and recognized by the consumer is the computer industry… I’m sure you’ve heard phrases like “are you going to buy an HP, a Dell or a clone PC?”

Well the golf industry is no different. Most of the best brand golf clubs are manufactured overseas and then distributed to the US and other countries to be sold by their corresponding golf brand companies.

So a “clone product” is in essence the same product (or very close to it with a slight design variation) as the name brand product. And the main difference between the two relies in the use of the brand. Where the brand name product is selling at higher rates than of the clone product because it’s also selling something the clone product does not have or has it at a lower level… and that is, “prestige” because of its popularity and acceptance from the consumer due to massive media exposure.Continue reading

What do you mean properly? Learning golf is just learning golf isn’t it?? …nope icon_smile it may sound like stating the obvious, but actually we are referring to the fact that in order to learn to play golf properly, there is a right way and a wrong way to learn, a right method and a wrong method that I will explain in each of the 12 guidelines to learning golf properly. But before you continue to read, I must must be clear that this is not an article on golf techniques, or quick tips on how to to improve your golf game, rather this are just guidelines to consider before you even start or continue to learn if you’re a golf beginner. And before you even spend your money buying the “best brand golf clubs” out there because you think that’s a solution for improving your game.

The “WRONG WAY” is based upon self taught mechanics, instinctive impulses, imitation, guessing, trial and error, and a mix of things heard by different people, read on different books and magazines or seen on different video sources.

The “RIGHT WAY” will provide the understanding of the fundamentals and mechanics involved in the golf swing, your body, ball striking and ball flight, as those are the four pillars of a solid foundation for learning golf. Care to learn about how those four things work and you’ll be on the right path to learn golf faster and more effectively. Of course, there are way more than four things or fundamentals about golf itself, but these four pillars refer to the things you need to focus on learning and practicing before you even start playing at the golf course.

“…the golf swing, your body, ball striking and ball flight, as those are the four pillars of a solid foundation for learning golf...”

In other words, before you start to focus on things that every golfer craves like hitting the ball longer and straighter, shaving strokes from your score card, mastering the greens, and being a short game wizard, you won’t be able to do so before you have a basic understanding of the four pillars, and those are:

  1. Golf Swing. How does the motion, the speed, and the plane of a golf swing affect the ball and what mechanics are involved in order to produce the shot you want. And how important are the four stages of the golf swing (backswing, downswing, impact and follow-thru) around these mechanics.
  2. Your Body. How does your golf address position (whole body position considering spine angle, arms, hands, legs and distance from the ball), grip, and feet alignment affect your swing and ball impact.
  3. Ball Striking. How does the club head angle and ball position affect the shot at the moment of impact.
  4. Ball Flight. What causes all the different ways the ball can travel in the air, and why the ball reacts in different manners when it lands.

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kid-at-golf-rangeYes that’s right! you should feel good if you are a golf newbie… and why the heck is that?? I don’t wanna be a newbie I want to be a kick-ass golfer” you say, well if you’re a newbie you have a privileged mind right now because hopefully, your head is clean and fresh from all the mixed tips, tricks and golf junk you may stumble upon your golf journey to becoming an accomplished player. I mean sure there is theory and great advice in many places but just don’t go overboard trying to saturate your head with too much information as that may conflict from one source to another.

you have a privileged mind right now because hopefully, your head is clean and fresh from all the mixed tips, tricks and golf junk you may stumble upon your golf journey…

If you are golf beginner and you’re just documenting your self on the game, maybe getting one or two tips on what golf equipment to get at this point… that’s awesome, because you first want to save your hard earned cash before you become a freakin’ overzealous golf consumerist and spend a thousand bucks on some golf set that you don’t need right now.

It’s like buying a Porsche 911 just because it’s flashy and you know it has some of the best German engineering, yeah but besides helping you look more interesting it won’t really help you to be a better car driver.

Now, if you are all set up with your new golf clubs that’s good also let’s just hope you did not spend more than $300 or $400 bucks because here you would’ve learned that you have great options on complete golf sets for beginners under $300.

Anyways that was regarding spending your money on golf, but on the most important matter on learning golf, if you are just starting practicing at the range or playing at the course and you are starting to worry about your golf swing’s performance, it is likely that frustration may take you to search every corner for every bit of advice on improving your golf swing, like golf web articles, golf videos, golf magazines, etc. etc. and asking your buddies things like “what am I doing wrong in my swing?”, in fact you maybe even asked for advice to that old geezer neighbor of yours that now finally has something in common with you, a golf bag and a back pain. Well if you can identify more or less with the above let me give you a sound advice…Continue reading

Let’s face, not everyone is comfortable with making purchases online. Especially high ticket items such as golf clubs and other golfing equipment. Buying these things online can be extremely scary because you don’t know if you will get what you see on the screen. And unfortunately, there are a lot of horror stories of people having trouble with making purchases online. Let me assure you that there are more good guys than bad guys online. Everyone is not out there trying to take advantage of you.

Below we are going to talk about 2 of the biggest myths when it comes to online golf stores. These are the myths that keep people from using online golf stores. However, we are going to dispel those myths and help you feel more comfortable about purchasing your golf equipment online.Continue reading