garcia-woods-be-gentlemanIt’s great to be enthusiastic about playing golf and know the basic rules on the game in order to play. But there’s another important aspect of the game, which has to do with the decency of knowing the rules of fair play, respect for other golfers, the golf course rules and your conduct in a golf environment. And that is called Golf Etiquette.

If you know and practice the following basic rules, you’ll be considered as a “gentleman of the green carpets” … ok I just made that title up, there’s no such thing. But seriously, please take a few moments to read the following rules and you’ll surely be playing as a true gentleman golfer, worthy of playing in any course.

Top 20 Basic Rules of Golf Etiquette

1. Wear proper attire where required

Many golf courses require you to wear proper golf attire in order to be admitted. And though regularly nobody will tell you anything (unless you’re playing in your underwear), just pay respect to the course and the game in general by wearing proper clothing. And that clothing is:

  • Collared Shirt, frequently a polo shirt (no t-shirts or tang tops)
  • Golf shoes with soft spikes (no tennis shoes, boots or sandals)
  • Slacks, casual shorts or golf skirts (No jeans, dresses, or swimming wear)

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What do you mean properly? Learning golf is just learning golf isn’t it?? …nope icon_smile it may sound like stating the obvious, but actually we are referring to the fact that in order to learn to play golf properly, there is a right way and a wrong way to learn, a right method and a wrong method that I will explain in each of the 12 guidelines to learning golf properly. But before you continue to read, I must must be clear that this is not an article on golf techniques, or quick tips on how to to improve your golf game, rather this are just guidelines to consider before you even start or continue to learn if you’re a golf beginner. And before you even spend your money buying the “best brand golf clubs” out there because you think that’s a solution for improving your game.

The “WRONG WAY” is based upon self taught mechanics, instinctive impulses, imitation, guessing, trial and error, and a mix of things heard by different people, read on different books and magazines or seen on different video sources.

The “RIGHT WAY” will provide the understanding of the fundamentals and mechanics involved in the golf swing, your body, ball striking and ball flight, as those are the four pillars of a solid foundation for learning golf. Care to learn about how those four things work and you’ll be on the right path to learn golf faster and more effectively. Of course, there are way more than four things or fundamentals about golf itself, but these four pillars refer to the things you need to focus on learning and practicing before you even start playing at the golf course.

“…the golf swing, your body, ball striking and ball flight, as those are the four pillars of a solid foundation for learning golf...”

In other words, before you start to focus on things that every golfer craves like hitting the ball longer and straighter, shaving strokes from your score card, mastering the greens, and being a short game wizard, you won’t be able to do so before you have a basic understanding of the four pillars, and those are:

  1. Golf Swing. How does the motion, the speed, and the plane of a golf swing affect the ball and what mechanics are involved in order to produce the shot you want. And how important are the four stages of the golf swing (backswing, downswing, impact and follow-thru) around these mechanics.
  2. Your Body. How does your golf address position (whole body position considering spine angle, arms, hands, legs and distance from the ball), grip, and feet alignment affect your swing and ball impact.
  3. Ball Striking. How does the club head angle and ball position affect the shot at the moment of impact.
  4. Ball Flight. What causes all the different ways the ball can travel in the air, and why the ball reacts in different manners when it lands.

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While no one knows the first time golf was played at the St. Andrews Golf Course, it is still considered the oldest golf course in the world. The old golf course has a very rich history that you won’t find anywhere else. For over 600 years, yes I said 600 years, golfers from all over the world have come to enjoy a game of golf at the St. Andrews Golf Course.

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