garcia-woods-be-gentlemanIt’s great to be enthusiastic about playing golf and know the basic rules on the game in order to play. But there’s another important aspect of the game, which has to do with the decency of knowing the rules of fair play, respect for other golfers, the golf course rules and your conduct in a golf environment. And that is called Golf Etiquette.

If you know and practice the following basic rules, you’ll be considered as a “gentleman of the green carpets” … ok I just made that title up, there’s no such thing. But seriously, please take a few moments to read the following rules and you’ll surely be playing as a true gentleman golfer, worthy of playing in any course.

Top 20 Basic Rules of Golf Etiquette

1. Wear proper attire where required

Many golf courses require you to wear proper golf attire in order to be admitted. And though regularly nobody will tell you anything (unless you’re playing in your underwear), just pay respect to the course and the game in general by wearing proper clothing. And that clothing is:

  • Collared Shirt, frequently a polo shirt (no t-shirts or tang tops)
  • Golf shoes with soft spikes (no tennis shoes, boots or sandals)
  • Slacks, casual shorts or golf skirts (No jeans, dresses, or swimming wear)

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