Discount Tee Times – 5 Quick Tips to Play More and Pay Less.

get-ready-ball-2-618802-mLooking for Discount Tee Times is one great way to play more golf and pay less.

And the following are 5 quick tips that every golf beginner, well… in fact any golfer who wants to save money for that matter should know.

Read on and you’ll find out how.

1) Online Tee Time Reservation

Booking your tee times online is the 21st century way to go. I mean 15 years back you had only 2 ways to book for golf tee times, and those where either …

  1. Visiting golf courses expecting to have available tee times.
  2. Booking by phone. And even this one could be a hassle because sometimes took a while to first make the call; wait for the staff to answer; asking for your details and desired date and time and look on their schedule. And if they had no available spots, then you made another call to another course and another 5 to 10 min. wait on the phone.

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