Dispelling The Top 2 Myths About Online Golf Stores

Let’s face, not everyone is comfortable with making purchases online. Especially high ticket items such as golf clubs and other golfing equipment. Buying these things online can be extremely scary because you don’t know if you will get what you see on the screen. And unfortunately, there are a lot of horror stories of people having trouble with making purchases online. Let me assure you that there are more good guys than bad guys online. Everyone is not out there trying to take advantage of you.

Below we are going to talk about 2 of the biggest myths when it comes to online golf stores. These are the myths that keep people from using online golf stores. However, we are going to dispel those myths and help you feel more comfortable about purchasing your golf equipment online.

Myth #1 – If I Purchase Something From An Online Golf Store I Won’t Be Able To Get A Refund If I’m Not Happy

This is false. If you aren’t happy with your purchase you will be able to get a refund. Most refunds will be less shipping and handling. Very few online golf stores will refund the shipping as it is costing them to have it sent back. Even still, they will gladly refund you the purchase price of the item.

The key is to make sure you deal with a reputable company. This applies both online and offline. You wouldn’t go into a local store and buy something if you heard they don’t take care of their customers. The same goes online. Take the time to do a little research. Find out what others have to say about a particular online golf store before you do business with them. If you deal with a reputable company you will never have to worry about getting a refund if you aren’t satisfied with the product.

Myth #2 – It Takes Too Long To Get My Equipment If I Order Online

Again, this is false. This may have been the case when buying and selling online came about, but these days things get shipped pretty quickly. Especially if they are in stock. No longer do you have to wait two weeks for delivery. Most sale processes are very quick. You place your order via a website, the order goes to the merchant, the merchant pulls the product and ships it out.

In some cases, your order will be shipped out the same day you purchased it. This usually happens if you order before a certain time. Typically, it shouldn’t take longer than 7 to 10 days for you to receive your order. However, if you want to expedite your order you can always pay for rush shipping. With rush shipping, you can get your order overnight if you wanted to.

Just be careful. Rush shipping can be extremely expensive. If you aren’t in a serious hurry to get your equipment just go with standard shipping. If you aren’t in a rush try two days or three-day shipping. It will be a lot cheaper than overnight shipping and you can still get your new golf equipment quickly.

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