Vintage Hickory Golf Clubs

A golf club is more than what meets the eye. If you are a collector, you should be very keen in inspecting this golf equipment as it may seem playable or in good condition but is actually not. Make sure that the club you are looking at is not just Hickory shafted, but hickory all over. You will find wood-like quality ones that you may take as a high-quality hickory golf clubs but in the core, they are not. You see, hickory or other good wood golf clubs are the highest quality of all clubs. They have the highest sale and resale value among all other types of golf clubs like iron, wedge, and hybrid. Hickory golf clubs are also not just for display purposes; they are also used to play by most collectors and enthusiasts. It is even claimed that these highly good looking Hickory golf clubs give a player the chance to play the sport the way they are really played. Being old school and all, it is fitting to expect that the particular equipment is worth the high price.

Hickory golf clubs are characterized with the same good wood insert, which will run from the club head to the shaft and up the grip. You wouldn’t be mistaken with the quality because the insert is supposed to stick out but not protrude up on the grip. If what you see is made of fringe magnet or steel, you are looking at one of the very many fake Hickory golf clubs in the auction world. Note also that even if it may seem genuine because of the manufacturer’s name or trade name that is stamped on the shaft, there might be some dots or hyphens on its face that will give it away. Some of these are even claimed as made of one of the best brands in the golfing industry—Spalding, McGregor, and White among so many others. There also chromed, very smooth, and branded golf clubs that are tagged as common although they might look as collectible items.

Hickory golf clubs are essential for the serious old school-playing golfers, as well as collectors. In fact, they even made their own tournament for the ancient golf equipment. And there is not just one but a handful of organizations for those who are playing Hickory golf clubs. Among these are The Society of Hickory Golfers or SoHG of the United States aside from all the smaller groups, the Golf Collectors Society of Canada and The Canadian Golf Historical Society, and The British Golf Collectors Society in the United Kingdom. Other groups are also very active in Finland and Sweden as well as in Scotland where the game has originated way back in 1457. Hickory golfers are noted to be aficionados and affluent because this is a game for the well off. That is so as for the market price of Hickory golf clubs range higher than regular ones. Besides, they only play for fun because their hickory golf clubs are for collection purposes and not for mere playing.

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