Nike PD Soft – My New Favourite Golf Ball!

My ‘taste’ in different golf balls changes all the time, but right now my favorite golf ball is the Nike Power Distance golf ball (or ‘Nike PD Soft‘ for short).  I’ve been playing golf frequently over the past few months, and so I’ve had a chance to trial many different types of power golf balls.  For the past couple of weeks though, I’ve stuck exclusively with the PD Soft, and it’s a golf ball I’ve really grown to love!

Nike Power Distance Soft

After running out of Titleist Pro V1’s, and having little time to buy another batch online (because they’re a LOT cheaper online) before my next round of golf, I went to a local golf store which sells, amongst other things, lake balls.

Now I know there are arguments for and against using lake balls, but the store is currently selling a dozen PD Soft lake balls for £8.00, or around $12.  I thought, what the hell, I’ll give them a bash, and if I find that they’re no good, then at least I’ve not spent a small fortune to find this out.

The results?  Well, I’ve been using these balls for the last three rounds, I’m delighted to tell you that I cannot find any difference between the PD Soft lake balls and the brand-new-in-box variety.  They travel for miles off the tee, hold their line, feel really nice, and putt well – 4 excellent reasons for me to stick with them for a while longer.

So right now, I’m playing with the Nike PD Soft golf balls – and I plan on going back to the store for more supplies before they either put the prices up, or run out of stock!

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