Nike Power Distance Long Golf Balls

The Nike Power Distance Long golf balls are made for those with a medium / high swing speed both off the tee and on the fairways – and these golf balls really, REALLY travel when struck!  There are specifically designed balls out there which have been manufactured, and are marketed at, those looking for extra power and distance – and Nike have managed to deliver what they have promised where others have failed.

This isn’t necessarily a slur on other power golf balls – what I mean is that the Nike Power Distance Long golf ball is an extremely satisfying ball to strike off the tee – it has managed to merge the combination of delivery of extra distance, with a soft feel on contact with the ball.

For those full-blooded short iron shots, you’ll have a bit of trouble gaining any back-spin on the green (unless you’re up there with the Tour players in terms of consistent ball striking), but the ball will happily land, bounce once or twice, and come to a stop without rolling an extra 10, 15, or 20 yards to the back of the green and into the fringe, or, god forbid, a greenside bunker.

Once you’re dancing, the ball actually feels quite nice when putting.  There is no “clunkiness” off the putter head during the stroke – I know different golfers prefer different feeling while putting, but I like a ball which doesn’t “clack” off the head, or feel too hard.  Softer balls give me greater confidence when putting, and the Nike distance ball gives me exactly that.

The specifications behind the Nike Power Distance Long golf ball include:

  • A high-velocity core, leading to a faster ball speed;
  • A 432-dimple pattern, which cuts down on the drag experienced off the tee;
  • A durable ionomer ball cover, for increased distance.
  • These max power golf balls will cost you around $28 for a dozen brand new, which represents decent value for a ball which will work with you and not against you, from teeing off to putting out.

If you are after a similar golf ball which provides a little more control while at the same time giving excellent distance with those tee shots, then the Nike Power Distance Soft golf ball may be better suited to your game.

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Do you play with Nike Power Distance Long golf balls?  Feel free to leave your own comments below!

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