Nike Power Distance Soft Golf Balls

Like its “cousin” (the Nike Power Distance Long golf ball), the Power Distance Soft golf ball delivers longer distance with those tee shots and long irons than regular balls.

The added bonus here though, is that with the soft version, the golfer can easier manipulate the golf ball to shape the type of shot required for the occasion, i.e. drawing or fading a shot as required by the approach.

Also, the feel of this golf ball on and around the greens is more pronounced than the Long ball version, leading to increased feedback and control.

This is a 2-piece ball, with a low-compression core and a softened ionomer cover.

I would say that the Nike Power Distance Soft golf ball is for those golfers who can maintain a handicap which hovers around the 15 mark, i.e those who can maintain a steady consistent swing off the tee and on the fairways.  The Power Distance Long golf ball will squeeze a little more yardage out of your shots than the soft version, but sacrifices the feel which better golfers may require for the pitching and chipping aspects of the game.

I’ve also found that the Power Distance Soft golf ball seems to provide excellent durability.  I’ve used the same golf ball during the course of 18 holes (not unheard of, but still a rare occurence!!), and found that upon inspection, there are little or no scuffs on the cover.

These power golf balls come in at the same price as the long version, around $22 for a dozen – decent value for a very decent golf ball.

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