Review Hickory Golf Clubs

The Niblick golf club was just like our pitching wedges we use today. Golfers started to utilize the Niblick in the 19 century. It was used for hitting lofted shots as well as to get the ball out of bunkers easier, traps and other lies that were hard to get out of. The Niblick probably was golf’s 1st hybrid club.

Out of the traditional antique clubs, the Mashie is the most recognizable. Many golfers know this club by name. The Mashie is just like our 7 iron used predominately for approach shots. Mashie Hickory shafted was introduced in the 1880’s and is not in use in today’s game.

In the turn of the century, the most historic modification design came when grooves were introduced to the face of the clubs today. Club makers said that players could make the ball have more backspin with the improved grooves on these clubs. As well as the heightened back spin led to better control and added more distance. Now a day’ you can not even find a golf club that does not have grooves on them.

Golf courses in early days used frequently by the public. Uses also were, horse drawn wagons, carts, grazing sheep and pedestrians. Golfers that played the game had no right of way. So the Rut Iron was invented. Having a narrow face with a taller top line was used for getting the ball out of depressions left by another object that traveled the course. Like wheel marks, trenches and foot prints left behind. The Rut iron is a traditional club enthusiast option to go with if in trouble on the course.

There was also what in the early days called a Shankless Iron. This club was the answer to golfs perplexing mis hits club. By using this iron with the hosel high on the face, it was almost impossible to hit a shank shot. We all know how this could help our game.

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