Srixon Distance Golf Balls

The Srixon Distance golf ball has been designed with one thing in mind – power and distance off the tee.  It is aimed primarily at the golfer who seeks explosive distance off the tee, with a low-spin modelling which ensures longer and straighter drives.  And after playing a round of golf with two of these, I can vouch for Srixon.  This ball delivers exactly what it promises – the simply titled Srixon Distance gives the golfer exactly that – distance.

This power golf ball features the following key characteristics:

  • A cut-proof ionomer cover
  • A 432 dimple pattern for increased aerodynamic performance
  • An Energetic Gradient Growth core

This golf ball is incredibly durable – you’ll have a hard time cutting / scuffing up this ball.  I can usually scuff a ball up over the course of a round (I am a low-teens handicapper, so I don’t make perfect contact each time with each and every shot) but after playing 18 holes, the Srixon Distance golf ball was still in remarkably good shape.  A major plus.

This golf ball doesn’t have fantastic spin or feel greenside, which may not be the best formula for those lower handicapped / scratch golfers, but will definitely suit those who shoot scores of anything around the mid-80s and over.  I found it to be quite decent with regards to controlling my short irons into the green, and the feel of the golf ball on the dancefloor was actually quite decent.

In terms of value, you can pick up a dozen of these brand new balls for anything around $13 or $14 – an excellent price for those who prefer the type of ball where power and distance are the priorities on the golf course.

Overall, the Srixon Distance golf ball provides a low-cost alternative to other, more expensive power golf balls which may differ only slightly in terms of overall quality.  Definitely worth the cost of a pack to discover whether these balls are the ones you feel most comfortable with.

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