The Advantages Of Power Golf Balls

There would be absolutely no point in considering buying power golf balls if they did not give you some kind of advantage, or enhance certain areas of your game. The question is, what type of advantages are gained by using these golf balls instead of regular, non-power balls? Advantages include:

Longer Tee Shots

Probably the main reason why golfers indulge in power golf balls – the fact that they can add more juice to their drives to take the ball another 10 or 20 yards (or more) further down the fairway off the tee. And it’s not just for aesthetic reasons that this gives the golfer an advantage – a good drive with a power golf ball could be the difference between a long iron approach and a mid iron approach to the green. I would rather hit a mid-iron in to the green than a long iron, and I think most golfers share this preference.

Straighter Tee Shots

The majority of power golf balls made share a set of common characteristic – one of them being that they are generally of the low-spin variety. What this means for the golfer is that he or she is less likely to experience extreme slices or hooks from the tee. High-spin balls will exaggerate any type of spin imparted onto the ball, while low-spin balls will do the opposite. This means that your tee shots should fly a little straighter off the tee, helping you to keep the golf ball on the fairway and give you a chance to get to the green in as few strokes as possible.

Good For Mid To High Handicapper

The power golf ball is generally aimed at the golfer with a mid to high handicap. Low handicappers and professionals will almost always use a golf ball which is softer, to provide more feel and control around the greens, while mid to high handicappers are more concerned with keeping the ball in play, with the ultimate aim of getting the ball on the green in as few strokes as possible. A power golf ball will provide this, by keeping the ball straighter than a soft or high-spin golf ball.

More Durable

Power golf balls, by their very nature, consist of firmer materials than their softer counterparts, and are harder to scuff or cut – a great advantage to this is that these balls will ultimately “live longer” and so assuming you don’t lose any(!!) you are getting a lot more value for money.

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