Titleist NXT Golf Balls

The Titleist NXT golf ball promises extreme distance off the tee with a straight flight, coupled with great golf ball durability.  This ball was released in March 2010, so is a relative newcomer to the power golf ball category.

The features of this golf ball include:

  • A high velocity, low spin, solid polybutadiene core
  • A durable cut-proof ionomer cover
  • An advanced dimple design
  • An Alignment Integrated Marking sidestamp

The sidestamp on the golf ball really helps me to line up my putts, as I sometimes have trouble striking the ball towards my predefined target.  It is a really nice touch, and one which is now becoming increasingly popular with other power golf balls, due to the assistance it provides on the putting surface for those who may struggle with their alignment.

The Titleist NXT golf ball is softer than other balls available, with a real feeling of compression off the tee.  I also feel more able to manipuate this ball with draws and fades (at least when it comes off!!) and am able to generate a good degree of spin with my shorter irons, adding a level of control to my approach shots.

What does all this mean for the golfer?  Well, the Titleist NXT golf ball WILL give you greater distance off the tee and on those mid to long iron approach shots to the green.  You’ll also find that it has a soft feel too.  Couple this with the fact that the cut-proof cover will give a longer life to the golf ball, and you have a formula for a power golf ball which falls firmly into the category of “up there with the best”.

The one drawback with this golf ball?  Nothing to do with the ball itself, but expect to pay out more than the average price for these balls.  But at the end of the day, you’re getting exactly what you’re paying for, and these power golf balls are definitely amongst the highest quality you’ll play a round of golf with.

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Do you play with Titleist NXT golf balls?  Feel free to leave your own comments below!

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