Upgrading Your Starter Golf Set

Boost your golf bag in 10 steps minding your budget

7931713960_364ff0b387_z-300x300Let’s face it, it is likely at the beginning that your swing will be horrible and your game may suck for a while. That is unless of course you’re following the advice on the How To Learn Golf Properly guidelines, in that case you may stink a little less and will become a decent golf player in a shorter period of time.

Nevertheless, keep in mind that if you care about the money in your wallet the best option is to invest either on a used golf set from a garage sale or something, or to get an inexpensive new set for beginners, trust me you won’t notice the difference for sometime, maybe never if you turn out to be a casual golfer playing no more than once a month.

Anyway, after you get your first golf set and you play for some time with it, if you find yourself really diggin’ the sport but not actually convinced to spend a lot of money on a new golf set, then you can just upgrade it little by little until you get the set you want.

Upgrading a starter golf set for a few more hundred bucks more instead of going all the way to the top-of-the-line equipment spending anywhere from $1000 to $3000 is a good alternative when keeping your budget low is a priority.

So here are a few pointers on how to upgrade your starter golf set in the future. You don’t have to upgrade all equipment all at once of course, but be sure to take care of items 1 thru 4 in the very short term:

1 Starter Golf Set. If you don’t have it already, get a complete starter set of golf clubs so you don’t have to hand pick every club. You play with it for a few months and if you find your self playing a lot of golf, then you can upgrade your clubs one piece at a time.

2 Get Golf Balls. golf-ballsOf course how can you play without golf balls right? This is both a requirement and a constant upgrade test. You will find your self testing different golf ball brands and models but for beginners just go with the average balls you may find in every Walmart or Target stores and don’t spend more than $1 per ball because it won’t be worth it. Don’t shag balls from the range either icon_cool Used assorted balls are also a good option to try different brands at a low cost, just as long as they’re Grade A or Grade B (not practice or you can get pretty bad ones), or sometimes they are graded as AA, AAA, AAAA and AAAAA where the more A’s the better condition they are. But 3 A and 4 A are just fine.

Avoid getting more expensive balls when you’re starting, because they are designed for more spin and control on golf shots rather than distance, so if your golf shots have curving effect at the end, it can get worse with the pricier balls turning your shots into hooks and slices.

3 Get a Golf Glove. golf-gloveThis will provide better grip to your swing and prevents blisters and calluses. All golf gloves are mostly white, or white with black accents or all black but what you can do look for as a nice feature is that the glove is made from cabretta leather. This has a softer feel, better grip plus skin breathes better through leather.

4 Get Golf Shoes. golf-shoesBeginners think they can play the same with any regular sneakers, which is somewhat true but you never now when the clips on golf shoes will be needed on certain shots when the lie is not even, or even on the tee box when driving sometimes you may slip if you swing very fast.

Besides, on many golf courses, wearing golf shoes is part of their required golf attire rules. Golf shoes are priced very broadly, averaging anywhere from $50 to up to $200. To be honest I personally don’t spend more than $100 dls. ’cause I can get pretty comfortable shoes with a Benjamin and I don’t think spending more will help me improve my game. But then again you might be a shoe shopaholic… or a woman (love you girls)

divot-repair5 Get a Divot Tool. Please get a divot repair tool. They’re really inexpensive and it’s part of golf etiquette to take care of your divots on the green. You wouldn’t want to play your put knowing a nasty divot left by another player may mess up your ball trajectory right? Then again you can repair divots with a tee in a cumbersome way but, if your saving hundreds on a golf set…come on… at least spend a few bucks on a cool divot tool ($5 to $12 avg.) plus most of them have ball markers to mark your ball on the green when it’s not your turn.

6 Get a Sand Wedge (SW). taylor-made-wedgeMost beginner golf sets don’t include wedges to play the bunkers. The Pitching wedge is not designed for the sand and it’s important to have at least the Sand Wedge as part of your set.

Learn more about golf wedges here

7 Upgrade your driver. big-berthaWhen you’re a beginner honing your swing technique, some times a better driver can boost your game either with distance, straightness or both.

8 odyssey-versaUpgrade your putter. Many beginners take this for granted thinking you can put the ball with virtually any putter and it won’t make a difference. But a good putter will make putting easier making possible to improve your scoring on the green.




9 Upgrade your bag. Callaway StrataThis is not really necessary but often golf bags that come with starter sets are very basic and you may need more compartments so you may want to get a golf bag later on. Besides, if you really care about showing off name brands, then you might consider getting a name brand golf bag because the golf bag and the driver are the most noticeable thing from a distance icon_smile

10 Pinemeadow PGXWoods and irons. At this point you must not be a beginner when thinking of investing on a new set of irons or woods. Make sure you know enough on golf technology in order to improve before making a decision to buy, otherwise you can find your self just buying another different set that won’t make a difference in your game.


When your a golf beginner, you don’t necessarily have to invest a lot in your first equipment. You can start with a complete golf set under $300 dls. Later on as you enjoy the game you can upgrade a piece at a time as you see fit.

By this time, if you upgraded all the way from 6 to 10, now you’ll have an extra golf set for a friend. Or maybe you want to leave that extra set at your office and the new one at home. Just in case the idea of a round of golf… suddenly justifies your early absence from work (I so did that a few times myself).

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