Who Should Use Power Golf Balls?

Titleist Pro V1First things first – power golf balls are more advantageous for those of us who play off a handicap of anything around the 15 mark or higher.  For the majority of golfers, a handicap of 15 is something to strive for, and not a handicap which most golfers will quickly pass on the way down.  The upshot of this is that most golfers worldwide play off a handicap of 15 or higher.

The good news, then, is that a power golf ball will give most golfers the best possible chance of shooting better scores.  Why?  Because a lot of golfers will invariably struggle with keeping the golf ball on the fairway during the course of 18 holes (and I include myself in that bracket – at the time of writing, my handicap is 14.5).

As a general rule, the better a player you are, the softer a golf ball you should be using.  If you can consistently hit the golf ball straight off the tee, then your game may be suited to a softer golf ball, which will give you more control, feel, and spin around the greens – the perfect recipe for taking advantage of your excellent driver and long iron play.  For most of us though, the ability to at least give ourselves a chance of hitting greens in regulation, this means going with a power golf ball.  One which will reduce the hooking and slicing off the tee to keep you on the fairway more often, and in with a chance of hitting those par four greens in two.

Nike Power Distance SoftA power golf ball is one which will invariably provide more longer and essentially straighter drives – if you can keep your golf ball in play for the majority of holes, then you are giving yourself the best possible chance of hitting those greens in less strokes, which is what we are all striving for.

Another piece of excellent news is that there are many, many power golf balls available to us which are incredibly varied in terms of distance, feel, spin and price.  With a little experimentation, you should be able to find a distance golf ball which will strike the perfect balance between the aforementioned four factors, i.e. one which will suit your own personal preference.

There are power golf balls available which will give you mammoth drives and exceptional distance with your irons, but may give you less spin, and feel less responsive than others.  If that’s what you’re after, then hopefully my reviews will give you an idea of which type of golf ball to try.

Alternatively, you may be the type of player who requires a distance golf ball which also gives you good feedback around the greens, in which case a more subtle brand of power golf ball may be what you’re after.  Again, there are plenty balls out there which will suit your individual game.  Hopefully, this website will give you a good indication of which type of golf ball you are seeking.

Finally, the price of a power golf ball is something which must be considered – if you’re losing a few balls per round each time you play, then there’s not much point in splashing out a lot of money on the more expensive types of golf ball available – golf should be a game which is played for fun, and there is not much fun to be had in spending silly amounts of money every two or three rounds!  Unless you’re rolling in dough, you should be factoring in the cost of your golf balls when considering which type of ball to buy.

Callaway Warbird PlusI hope you enjoy reading through my power golf ball reviews – each review gives marks to each ball for the four factors of power, feel, spin and price – so you should be able to get a good idea of the type of ball you require based on your own individual preferences.

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