Wilson Staff DNA Distance Golf Balls

The Wilson Staff DNA Distance golf ball promises the golfer amazing extra yardage off the tee, coupled with a soft feel – a combination which is a joy to find in a power golf ball.  Does it deliver on these promises?  The good news is, I would say it certainly does.

The “DNA” part of the catchy sounding name stands for “Distance aNd Accuracy” (well, it almost fits…) but if you can get over the snazzy sounding acronym, this golf ball pretty much gives you what it is offering.  This ball fairly pings off the driver, and does seem to hold the original trajectory a lot more than others – good news for me then.  And it will add extra yardage to your tee shots, which is of course exactly what you’d expect from a distance golf ball.

Off of those mid iron approach shots, the ball feels nice and soft (it certainly feels better than, say, a Quadra Link) but don’t expect to see a lot of spin generation.  Same goes for your pitches and chips from 100 or so yards out and closer – the ball will sit down when pitching, but expect a degree of roll after the carry.  If you’re the type of golfer who prefers to run your shots into the green, then this ball will suit your game down to the ground.

On the putting surface, you’ll most likely find the Wilson Staff DNA Distance golf balls to feel really nice – I was really impressed with the way this ball feels when putting.  This isn’t up there with the most expensive balls on the market, but for the price you’ll pay for these, expect to be pleasantly surprised by the way it feels.  If your very first shots with this golf ball were on the putting surface, you’d probably think it was a high-end ball, built for spin, touch and feel.  Not so, and a mark of how versatile it actually is.

This golf ball has dropped in price over the past year or so – you can now buy a dozen of these for the princely sum of around $12 or £13 – in my humble opinion this is an absolute bargain for a ball which happy delivers extra distance and feels excellent too.

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