Wilson Ultra Ultimate Distance Golf Balls

The Wilson Ultra Ultimate Distance Golf Balls are an excellent brand of power golf balls, marketed at the golfer with a medium to high handicap, or those just starting out with the game of golf.

This golf ball has an improved titanium core, which leads to a longer carry distance off the tee, and  the low spin rate generated by ball-striking affords the golfer a higher degree of control – excellent for those who may be less than perfect with every tee shot.

The trade-off, though, is that you will not be able to shape your shots as well as you may be able to with other types of golf balls, due to the decreased spin rate.

Likewise, the feel of the ball on the green isn’t anywhere near the level of a “Pro V1″, but at the same time, a lot of golfers are happy with the feel of this ball compared to others – I’ve certainly played with worse.

The cutproof ionomer ball cover also gives the ball a longer “shelf-life”, adding extra value on top of the already excellent RRP price for a pack of these power golf balls.  You can pick these golf balls up for less than a dollar a ball – buy more of them (i.e. a 24-pack) and you’ll pay even less per ball.  These are definitely up there with the top-value balls in the power golf ball category.

There are higher quality golf balls available on the market, but for sheer value and playability for the average golfer, the Wilson Ultra Ultimate Distance golf ball is hard to beat.

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